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Artist's Statement

Jill My fascination with embroidered landscapes began many years ago whilst I was studying textile design at Leicester. I loved Elizabethan embroidery, especially the waistcoats and dresses, and 'stumpwork' pictures with their embroidered 'slips' of insects, birds, animals, people and houses in the countryside, all set upon a plain background of cream silk or linen. The needlewomen of the day were celebrating the ordinary things around them in a medium they understood. I identify with that, and am passionate to promote the use of fabric and thread as valued mediums for artistic expression today. They contain a vibrancy and tactility which is difficult to match in paint.

I have developed a signature style of my own using the sewing machine and a darning hoop. I paint with fabric dye and then embellish heavily with stitches to add depth and texture. My subjects range from landscapes to beachscapes, and I love people to recognise and identify with these scenes. I am also fascinated by the play of light and pattern on and within water and intend to explore this theme with a new series called 'Swimming with rainbows'.

Latest News

I still have work at Picturecraft Gallery in Holt, Norfolk, and I have an exhibition from 6th to 18th October 2017 there.

I am also still prepared to open my studio at any time throughout the year by prior arrangement. Please contact me via the website or telephone +44 (0)1502 478557 if you would like to visit.

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